Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Ragi malt or Sprouted Ragi Porridge for all ages

Ragi (Finger millet) is a good substitute for rice. It is rich in fiber and contains very less unsaturated fat that makes it a perfect food for weight loss. It is one such rare cereal that doesn’t need to be polished and, therefore, can be consumed in its purest form with all its goodness intact. It contains no artificial colour , flavor, preservatives, additives. Sprouted ragi powder or Ragi malt is one of the well known traditional food, suitable for all ages.

Why Sprouting is important? Sprouting enhances the nutritional value of the grain. Sprouted grain differs from whole grain in three fundamental aspects;

  • Activates food enzymes;
  • Increases vitamin content, and
  • Neutralizes antinutrients like phytic acid which bind up minerals preventing your ability to fully absorb them.
  • Sprouting process apparently increases the amount and bio-availability of some vitamins (notably Vitamin C) and minerals, making sprouted grains a potential nutrition powerhouse.

Ragi Malt or Sprouted Ragi Porridge (For all ages)

  1.  Pour a small quantity (70ml) of plain water in a container.
  2.  Add 3 teaspoons of Ammae Sprouted Ragi powder to the same.
  3.  Mix the powder thoroughly without any lumps until it gets dissolved.
  4.  Place the container with the mix in a stove and keep the fire in low mode.
  5.  Stir the mix continuously to avoid sticking to the pan.
  6.  Cook it for 2 to 3 minutes and pour hot milk to the mix and stir well.
  7.  Add sugar or jaggery powder to taste and Ragi malt is ready to drink.

For elderly people, it helps in maintaining blood sugar and cholesterol level. The dietary fibre in the ragi keeps us satiety for a longer duration of time and enable stable digestion. Ragi porridge or Ragi mudde are well known traditional food well suitable for everyone in the family. Sprouted Ragi powder is highly nutritious as it is sprouted and roasted in compare to the grounded Ragi powder or Ragi malt.



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