Wednesday, January 6, 2021

7 Benefits of Sprouted and Roasted Ragi Powder

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Ammae Ragi or finger millet is a Super Food for babies. It has various health benefits and essential nutrients. Sprouting sweetens grains, which helps in absorption of nutrients. Ammae Sprouted and roasted ragi powder helps babies to gain weight. It makes baby's immune system stronger and helps in their growth. 

1. Good for Healthy Bones

The process of sprouting Ragi increases calcium levels by almost 20%. Sprouting increases, the absorption of minerals and calcium by the body. There is no cereal whose calcium content is close to Sprouted Ragi’s nutrition. And we all know how important bone development is for growing babies, right? Sprouted and roasted Ragi is rich in calcium and Vitamin D, which helps in the development of healthy bones in babies. When the baby starts getting teeth, it needs calcium. The calcium present in sprouted and roasted ragi helps baby in getting the same. 

2. Good source of Protein

Protein helps in the development of structural components, enzymes, hormones and antibodies. Ammae Ragi is a very good source of protein which helps in the development of baby’s growth.

3. Prevents Anemia

Iron is an essential part of Hemoglobin. The red colouring agent of the blood that transports oxygen through our bodies. 

Ragi is an excellent source of natural iron. Vitamin C is good to aid the absorption of iron. Sprouting increases, the vitamin C levels. Leads to further absorption of iron into the bloodstream. Ammae Ragi helps in prevention of Anemia in babies by regular consumption. 

4. Easy Digestion

Soaking & sprouting help diminishing some fat content. It helps to convert the dense ragi grain’s protein into simpler amino acids for easier digestion. It is very important for babies to have digestible foods. As their bodies need to acquaint with the process of digesting new solid foods. Dietary fiber in ragi helps in digestion of babies and prevent constipation. It makes bowel movement easy in babies. The insoluble fibers present in ammae ragi helps to digest the food e babies.

5. Good for Healthy Heart

Ragi contains amino acids that help to lower the cholesterol level of the babies. Fibre content of ragi makes heart healthy. It also keeps the liver healthy by removing fat from it. Ammae Ragi is gluten-free and a great substitute for babies with lactose intolerance. 

6. Enhances Immunity

Ragi contains essential nutrients which prevents infection. The anti-microbial properties enhance the immunity system of the babies.

7. Super food for Weight Gain

If your baby is underweight, then include ragi in your baby's diet as it helps baby to gain weight. It contains dietary fiber, calcium, iron, proteins, Vitamins B1, and B2. Ammae Ragi Porridge is one of the best foods that helps baby weaning from breast milk. The increase in absorption to absorb the vital nutrients is by sprouting. Your babies’ development enhances by intake of ragi 

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