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Baby Porridge | Porridge for Babies - Ammae Papvita Baby Foods

Ammae Papvita with Banana | Porridge for Babies - Ammae Foods India

Baby Porridge | Porridge for Babies - Ammae Papvita Baby Foods

Baby Porridge - Ammae Papvita Baby Foods: Weaning is the process of stopping breastfeeding your baby. There is no age for stopping weaning. It will always depend on your situation and your baby. Baby’s age is the criteria for deciding to wean off breastfeeding to a bottle or straight to a cup.

Don’t try to rush the process of weaning. Your body and baby both need time to adjust to the new routine. Trying to stop breastfeeding too early can lead to some discomfort. Make the weaning process more gradual from feeding once a day to feeding once every few days. Remember that it’s about finding the right process for both you and your baby.

Eating new food is a skill that children learn as per their ability. Toddlers need less food than during their first year. It is common for toddlers to eat very small amounts, to be fussy about what they eat and to refuse to eat at all.

With right nutrition and healthy balanced diet plays an important role in growth. It sets foundation of lifelong eating habits and pattern.

During your baby’s weaning journey, it’s important to introduce them to a range of flavours and textures. At every stage of the weaning journey all the way up to one year and above, Ammae products produced suits the need.

Why not try our Ammae Papvita Baby Porridge to introduce a weaning food, a traditional and yet proven food habit?

Little tummies will love to enjoy this food as it has different flavour. The product contains no salt/sugar and no artificial flavourings.

Ammae Papvita Baby Porridge is a blend of cereals and pulses with banana flavour:

Raw banana powder (kannangaya) is power packed with carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. It is a source of energy required for babies, toddlers and even adults. When banana powder combined with milk and ghee helps a baby to put on weight. It also helps in the treatment of indigestion.

To prepare baby porridge add milk and water as required.

It is always best to try with low level quantity and increase as per level of acceptance. You can adjust the level of water and mix as per your wish.

Take half cup of water and half cup of milk in a bowl and cook for 10 minutes and allow it to cool. If you want to have a thickened version cook for some more time.

Baby Porridge | Porridge for Babies - Ammae Papvita Baby Foods


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  1. This baby product looks so yummy. I want to buy one of this for my little baby.